Trust Our Team of Certified Accountants to Simplify Your Taxes - Anytime, Anywhere!
Expat Tax Services
Filing your U.S. expat taxes doesn’t need to be difficult or confusing, even if you’re halfway across the world! Our accountants know the ins and outs of ex-patriot taxes and will alleviate any questions or concerns you may have.
Financial Advising
After years of serving your country, the last thing you should have to worry about is your financial situation. Choose our experienced team of certified accountants to ensure that your family’s finances are set up for success.
Military Veteran Tax Returns
State returns? Federal returns? Late returns? Don’t worry if you’re not sure where to begin, just come to us for help! We ensure that your tax return forms are filled out correctly and you get the maximum money back from your return.
“Extremely Satisfied”

I was extremely satisfied with the prompt and professional service of E1040 Corp. They handled my tax return for several years. Also, understanding of the complex tax issues was a relief. I gladly recommend E1040 Corp. tax services! Heather B.
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Bloomfield Hills-Based Military Veteran Tax Service for Expats Around the World

Who better to trust with your expat taxes than a fellow expat?

At E1040 Corporation, our main goal is to make taxes and finances easier for expats and veterans. When you make the ultimate sacrifice to protect our country, you deserve to be fully taken care of, especially when it comes to dealing with the little things such as filing your taxes. Our experienced team of certified accountants have your best interest in mind when it comes to filing your taxes, advising you about your finances, or helping you receive the most money from your tax returns. Our company was founded by a veteran, and he knows firsthand the struggles that are accompanied with filing complicated expat forms.

If you live overseas, filing U.S. taxes seems that much more difficult! Our team of accountants empathizes with your frustrations and concerns and provides you with the resources you need to successfully understand your military veteran taxes.

E1040 Corporation’s tax advisor services are honest, accurate, and 100% secure.

Our virtual team of advisors work with customers all around the globe to ensure that they receive the best tax advice available. Our simple process and tax expertise make the dull tax process much more bearable, allowing you to focus on enjoying the next chapter of your life. Our prices are upfront, never blindsiding you with hidden fees or loopholes. Your wellbeing and security are of our utmost concerns, so we keep all of your personal information just that – personal. All of our modes of communication uphold the highest security standards and you can rest assured that your data is safeguarded. Simply put, our staff is an expat’s best resource for all things taxes.